Email Marketing Tip - #1 - Personalization

Go Beyond a Name...

With so many emails hitting the inbox, how do you cut through the clutter?

Personalization is one way, but, we must go beyond a name.  Recipients quickly see through the template creative that just has their name pulled from a field.  This is often called "Psuedo Personalization", and can actually have a negative impact on you message.  

Only about 5% of companies actually extensively use personalization.  The rest realize there is a value to doing it right.  However, there is a reason... It is not that easy.  Over 60% of marketers admit that they struggle to personalize messages in real-time.  

So, what should we do?

First you need to ask the right questions, and let's focus on the initial visit.  Here are several to get you started in compiling your strategy.

Why are they visiting your site?  

  • Joining as a user or a subscriber to your newsletters?
  • Making a Purchase or Inquiry on what service/product?

Not everyone is there for the same reason, but, first you must understand why they invested some time with your brand and begin to build customer or prospect personas.  We will dive in further in our next segment on building these profiles.  But for now, ask why and capture this data at a minimum and send a couple different messages in your next campaign, and I bet  you will see better results.

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